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For over 25 years, The Guru has been engaged and also directly employed external consultants to provide advice and industry expertise on property & investment transactions in addition to the UK housing market in general. Typically the cost of this can be £00,000's. For many this price is just not a sustainable option.

The Property Guru was established to provide everyone the ability to sense check your assumptions and provide insight or guidance from one of the most respected names in the industry, gained from over 25 years in the sector

The Guru has appraised thousands of properties and investment strategies and helped both individuals and organisations navigate the housing market. In 2022 - He personally negotiated over £100m alone - That experience is priceless! 

Now YOU can benefit from that expertise from a single payment of only £49...

the guru

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dean thompson

With a career of more than 25 years, Dean Thompson has built a reputation as one of Britain’s leading property entrepreneurs. An aspiring young golfer, he turned to property after realising he wouldn’t make a successful career in the sport. He then started his successful career at an estate agency in the Midlands, from humble beginnings to rising rapidly to lead a market-dominating brand. It was there he realised that the secret to property was breadth of knowledge. He furthered his career into surveying and then to asset and portfolio management, expanding his understanding and building an unrivalled network of contacts.

His track record has been phenomenal. He has generated market-leading returns and helped funds, individuals and investment companies to maximise growth and buy some of the best performing assets in the UK. Now, he's excited to be supporting both novice and experienced property investors through the property investment journeys . 

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