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The Guru offers three  levels of service.

Benefit from a dedicated discovery call where you can discuss the market, a specific property or investment you are considering OR what about asking the guru to complete a due diligence report? Receive an extensive & detailed report that the Guru uses himself on all purchases - will it confirm everything you've been told? OR for the ultimate service, book a half day with the guru himself - either sit down to discuss everything or why not show him the property you are considering buying? - what better way to utilise his expertise.

Book your preferred service today

  • Review the market, a Property Purchase or Investment Strategy

  • Receive an in-depth due diligence report on the property you are buyin...

  • Book a meeting with the Guru and spend a half day with him in person.

Book a discovery call with The Property Guru

For only £49 you will receive a 45 minute call to discuss your next property purchase OR use the time to talk about the current market or an investment idea you are considering.

With over 25 years experience in the industry, there isn't much that he hasn't seen. Utilise his expert industry knowledge to help explore your considered purchase or Investment.

Order a Due Diligence report from The Property Guru

For only £249 receive an in-depth property due diligence report the The Guru uses personally for every property he buys. This detailed report will ensure you have considered all options and will even receive an Guru score between 1/100

Don't second guess your research or rely on information supplied by a selling company. Receive a detailed and impartial report on the property's location and local market.

Book a half day meeting with The Property Guru

For only £499* receive an 5 hour personal meeting with the Guru himself.


Use the time to discuss all things property OR why not book the time to show him the property in person - What better way to receive insight and use his experience to confirm your purchasing decisions 

A small price to pay for such a dedicated experience with the ultimate professional

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